Saint Benedict School Logo

Visual Identity, Environmental Graphics, Athletic & Centennial Graphic Assets

A new logo design for an old school bursting with vibrant growth. Traditional colors were applied to a fresh, clean pictorial mark that speaks to their legacy while representing the institution with clarity across all the applications necessary in today’s world. First I updated their official identity and graphic system, then expanded it into a series of apparel, environmental graphics, and centennial graphic assets as they celebrated 100 years strong.

Our New Saint Benedict School Logo – Understanding What we Stand For!
The meaning of our new logo is as special as its overall look and feel.

First, the outer crest shape echoes the beautiful doors of our building. They are a symbol to the community of welcome, as well as protection and shelter for the children who learn safely within them. The diagonal stripes represent that our doors are open to opportunity, to the promise of the future, and to a desire for our faith to be stretched and strengthened. Traditionally, a diagonal stripe on a crest symbolizes resolve and faithfulness. 

Next, the inner cross and sunburst are a visualization of the saying from our patron Saint Benedict’s well-known medal “Crux Sacra Sit Mihi Lux” or “The Holy Cross Be My Light”. In all things we ask the holy spirit to enlighten and encourage us to be more like Christ.

Last, our new logo holds fast to our parish colors of yellow, green, and white. These traditionally stand for generosity and elevation of the mind, peace, sincerity, hope, and growth.